A Letter from the Webmaster

Posted by Kind Man on

This is the first and also the last blog post. The main purpose of this blog is to address your questions: Why are the dolls sold on this website so cheap? Can this website be trusted? I feel like making a purchase, but how can I ensure I won't be deceived?


1.Why are the dolls sold on this website so cheap?

    A. Intention behind Website Creation: The purpose behind creating this website is not to make profits but to provide an affordable opportunity for ordinary people to own sex dolls. As shown on the homepage of my website, this is a welfare-oriented site. If you have a chance to come across this website, consider it lucky. I also welcome distributors to contact me for establishing long-term partnerships.
    B. Logic of Website Operation: The products on this website are genuine and real. Why can they be sold at such low prices? The primary reason is that many distributors have established their own inventory systems. However, often these items don't sell on time, leading to various chain reactions (increased costs and marketing expenses, disruption in stocking pace, etc.). Therefore, this website focuses on selling their surplus inventory (all brand new products) at low prices or items with excess stock due to mistaken sales plans. Thus, there might be instances where we cannot guarantee continuous stock availability, which is quite normal.
    C. Perspective of Website Maintenance: Currently, the website has no promotions, and any income is used to maintain the shop's regular operation. Consequently, the revenue isn't sufficient to hire full-time customer service and after-sales personnel. As a result, we can only handle orders with significant issues. As described on various pages of the website, other order cases cannot be processed or refunded. Please refrain from inquiring about shipment tracking; you can find that information on the FedEx official website. Unless FedEx packages are lost, you can contact me for verification, compensation, and reissuing. Think of this website like an automated vending machine. Review the products clearly visible in the vending machine, consult the FAQ for unclear points (and send inquiries for anything still not understood), then select the desired product, and the system will automatically ship it to you.


    2.Can this website be trusted?

      Whether it can be trusted is something you can't personally prove, so I cannot answer that. However, what you need to know is that this type of website has been around for a long time without any customer complaints. The website doesn't require promotion, and its ranking has been steadily improving. I believe this is the greatest trust shown by buyers and search systems towards the website. I've received numerous letters of gratitude from customers, most of which express that the received products exceed their expectations in terms of value. Furthermore, you won't find products priced lower anywhere else. I don't expect you to find the products exceptionally well-made upon receipt; I merely hope they are better than average. Of course, in the future, we plan to introduce higher-priced silicone dolls and customized dolls, adhering to the same philosophy, with affordable price points.


      3.I feel like making a purchase, but how can I ensure I won't be deceived?

        If you've had experience purchasing goods through PayPal, this question is relatively simple. If you don't receive the product or the received product doesn't match the description from the purchase link, you can initiate a dispute within PayPal for their intervention. PayPal punishes dishonest merchants, so you can trust this process. However, please initiate a dispute only after receiving the merchandise if there's an issue. Some customers don't even know how to track FedEx shipments and directly inquire through PayPal. I'm at a loss for how to describe this. In essence, your shopping is safeguarded.

        Finally, I hope that everyone who loves dolls or needs dolls can acquire their very own dolls. I believe we can become your loyal companions and friends, as long as you make a purchase once!